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Fresh start, fresh blog

Welcome to my newly designed website and my very first blog post!

After a couple years working as Fresh Start Interiors, it was definitely time to banish my simple (yet lovingly handcrafted) website and give my business its own “fresh start” with a professional site. This time around I decided to add a blog page. So here we are!

When I started the “Fresh Start Interiors” rendition of my design business two years ago, it was after a tumultuous period in my personal life. Recently and quite unexpectedly divorced, I myself needed a literal fresh start. I had reluctantly sold our family home, bought an antique two family Colonial with an income apartment, sent one daughter off to college and was tentatively starting over mid-life. I had an office job doing marketing for real estate and, while enjoyable, it wasn’t what I REALLY wanted to do everyday. Obviously my personal happiness and fulfillment was most important so I chose to go back to the creativity and satisfaction of design work. Fresh Start Interiors was born. As you can tell, the name was quite fitting on many levels.

While the last few years have not been a quick or easy transition period, I’ve definitely come out far happier and in a very good place. With a lot of hard work and some imagination, all the pieces have clicked and I have crafted a new, wonderful phase-two of my life. It is full of people I love, things I enjoy doing, lots and lots of international travel and work that makes me happy.
Not coincidentally, along the way, I also created a beautiful new home in this two family colonial – which I am now converting back into the beautiful single family it once was. (Stay tuned for more on that renovation process!)

The fact is that everyone’s lives go through changes and phases, ups and downs. More often than not, life changes wind up affecting your living situation. Think about it. Getting married, having a baby, landing a new job, buying a new home, moving in with roommates, becoming an empty nester, getting divorced, taking in a parent….all these occurrences are normal life milestones that end up somehow impacting the place where you live. As a result, maybe you need to redo a room. Or maybe you will need to start over in a brand new home. Maybe the effect is a bit smaller like a fresh coat of paint for your child who has just become a teen. Or maybe just moving around the furniture will inject some needed energy into your life. Maybe the change is even tinier in scope and just the addition of a functional storage piece will brighten up each of your days by reducing one bit of nagging stress.

Whatever the impetus for your fresh start, home design and decorating should never be a stressful or overwhelming task, but instead a joyful and creative opportunity. Make positive changes to your environment and you can most definitely change your mood, if not your outlook on life. Making a space more functional, beautiful, comfortable and personal is ALWAYS going to bring happiness. And isn’t happiness everyone’s end goal?

I guess that’s my blog’s point today; embracing a fresh start can be the key to a happier life.
Take it from me. I am all about fresh starts and I’m happy to be a part of yours.