A Fresh Start For Your Home

Life inevitably brings change and your home often needs to come along for the ride. Whether you've moved, married, remodeled or just have a room that's not working for you anymore - it's an opportunity to make your house reflect your current lifestyle and personality. Updating a space is a process that can truly transform your whole outlook on life and make coming home a pleasure!

I make it easy to embrace change. I believe you should love where you live and always have a home that is comfortable, beautiful and functional. My flexible, hourly interior design and shopping services match your needs and budget so you can use me as much or as little as works for you. Contact me to learn more about how we can work together to give your home a fresh start!

Before and After


O.H., Lexington

"Jennifer updated several rooms in my home. I know what I like style-wise, but I don't have the time or the desire to go out and search for it. She sourced materials and presented me with a few great options for things I needed like new carpet, furniture, window shades and lighting. She recommended paint colors that went with everything. She also sent me photos as she shopped which made the process go faster. It was easy to make my selections and finish the updates quickly since Jennifer helped manage the entire process. The results were just what I wanted.  Now, two years later, she's helping me renovate the kitchen and master bathroom and I'm really looking forward to the new spaces."


D.G., Belmont

"Jennifer has helped me get settled in three different homes. She placed furniture in the rooms so they felt comfortable and looked good. She arranged my books and accessories, hung all my artwork, chose window treatments and went shopping with me for the new furniture I needed.  Sine I travel a lot, I have even used her online shopping service to select new bedding for my guest room. I am a busy business owner and I couldn't have done these moves without her assistance. She has a good eye, tons of sources and is responsive and easy to work with.  I trust her judgement and as a result my new house already feels like home."


E.G., Wayland

"Jennifer designed our living room and the outcome far exceeded my expectations. She provided several options for each element of the living room after getting a sense of our taste. She was incredibly easy to work with and her design ideas were a perfect fit for us. After quickly honing in on our stylistic preferences through a shared Pinterest board, Jennifer found several ideal choices for each aspect of the design.  I had never hired a designer before and was nervous about the price and process. But, our experience with Jennifer couldn't have digressed more from my fears. When we are ready to design another room in our house, Jennifer will be at the helm of that project as well! "